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Hands-On Wealth Management

Plan | Invest | Prosper

The Proactive Partnership

That Successful Professionals & Their Families Need

Whether your career is in its stride or you’re thinking about retiring soon, our services are designed to give hardworking individuals a renewed sense of confidence in their financial lives. We provide full-service wealth management, offering both financial planning and investment management, to organize your wealth and guide you on a clear path to your life and financial goals.

Providing Year-Round Wealth Management

What’s Included:


Financial Planning

From your cash flow to your estate plan, we’ll create a full-fledged plan that aligns with your goals, and we’ll update it as your life evolves.


Investment Management

We’ll create and maintain a sustainable investment strategy by identifying your investment goals, assessing your risk tolerance, and incorporating evidence-based tactics.

Our Approach to Building & Managing

Your Investment Portfolio

At District FA, our investment philosophy is founded on academic research, analysis and evidence. Guided by a disciplined approach to developing and managing your portfolio, we incorporate the following:

  • Asset allocation
  • Diversification
  • Opporunistic rebalancing
  • Low-cost underlying investments


We charge an advisory fee based on Assets Under Management.

Refresh Your Wealth Strategy

If you have a few questions about how our services work or you’d like to see if it makes sense to work together, contact our team to chat.

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