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What You Can Expect

From Working Together

It’s the Little Things

That Make a Big Impact

Your finances are composed of many small moving parts. Through our ongoing process together, we address each element of your wealth picture—breaking it down into smaller, digestible steps towards your financial independence. Working with us is simple, but being able to live comfortably, and with greater ease, is profound.



Our process always begins with an introductory call where we can learn about you and your situation and share more about how our services work. If we mutually see that we’re a fit to work together, we’ll move on to the next steps in our process. 



In this 60-90 minute meeting, we look forward to talking with you about your hopes for the future, your wealth goals, and your financial circumstances. We’ll also answer any specific questions you have. After this, we'll outline a proposal for a formal agreement to begin planning.



We’ll tackle the different components of your financial life one area at a time. For every aspect, we’ll guide you through your various options, establish the route you’d like to take, and put it into place. Our focus is on taking small action steps that will start to close gaps towards where you want to be. 



Throughout the year, your District FA team will be overseeing the various aspects of your plan. We’ll meet on a regular basis to check in, address any problem areas, and adjust your plan as your life progresses.

Start the Process

Through insightful conversations and clearly defined steps, our plan is to make you as successful as possible and have fun along the way.

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