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Our clients range from families and busy professionals to people making the most of their retirement. We work with federal government and military families, and an array of professionals and entrepreneurs. Our clients have a lot in common, and we provide a mix of personal financial planning and investment management services to them.

Financial Planning Concepts


Cash Flow & Spending Planning

It’s not how much you make, it's how much you keep. Do you know where your money goes? We’ll help you find out, determine how much you need to save, and in which type of account to use.

Retirement & Employee Benefits Planning

Evaluate your ability to retire and the resources available in your unique situation. Federal, military, and corporate benefits are complex and their decisions require care and experience. We’ll help make sure you don’t make an election that can’t be changed, and potentially optimize your retirement income.

Risk Management

We will evaluate your need for insurance and review all existing life, disability, long-term care, home and auto policies to ensure proper coverage is in place to protect your interests.

Transition Planning

Retirement, career change, relocating, divorce. Major changes present challenges and planning opportunities. We’ll help you through the changes with confidence.

Investment Management

A risk based approach provides assurance your portfolio risk level is in tune with your personality and expectations. We recommend a simpler, consolidated account portfolio. Our disciplined approach limits the potential for reacting emotionally. 

College Savings

We will explore and analyze how much you need to save for your education funding goals as well assist in choosing the appropriate investment vehicle to use for your education saving goals.


Financial Planning Subscription 

Our financial planning subscription offers a comprehensive approach. Starting at $4,800 annually, our agreement is based on complexity, and includes the initial plan, implementation, review meetings, and access to our team.   

Investment Management 

We charge an annual advisory fee to manage investment portfolios. Contact us for more details.